Fairy Land 2 Slot: Kiss the Frog to Turn it Back into a Princess

Fairy Land 2 will treat you with nostalgic feelings. The green Frog Princess will generously reward you if you manage to turn her back to a beautiful lady. Plunge into the well-known fairy tale and guarantee it a happy end!
The world of magic is full of surprises, and one you run the slot, you’ll feel it. The gamble is available in a free version so that you can test yourself before putting real money at stake.
Noticeable Game Features
• 5 reels and 9 pay lines.
• The betting range goes in between 1 and 25 credits per line. The highest bet is 225 for 9 pay lines.
• Seven images of a chameleon or a frog bring the Jackpot.
• There’s a bonus game in which you have to save the princess from a hungry crocodile.
Plunge into the atmosphere of childhood and make a fortune at Fairy Land slot!